How to measure?

How do you measure your walls before buying wallpaper?

If you've seen a beautiful wallpaper knocked out and realized that you don't know how to measure it. Don't worry we are here to help you.

Preparing to measure a wall

The way you measure a wall depends on the shape of that wall usually walls are rectangular but they can be sloping or have doors or windows. To measure the wall, prepare a tape measure and a pencil.

How to measure a rectangular wall

Measure the height of the wall on the left and right and the width of the wall on the top and bottom. This is necessary because the wall can vary in height and width.

How to measure a sloping wall

To measure a sloping wall, find the height width of the highest and widest part of the wall.

How to measure a wall with obstructions (windows, doors, vanity, cabinets)

We recommend measuring the full height width of the wall, do not subtract windows and doors from the measurements As you will need to trim wallpaper around these obstructions.


How to measure multiple walls

You can combine the wall measures to place an order or you can split them ask us to do a custom order


How much removable wallpaper do I need?

As for the removable or traditional vinyl wallpaper we manufacture, the standard width of one roll is 2 ft (24 inches). So you need to divide the width of your wall by 24 so you get the number of rolls you need. Round the height of the wall to the nearest higher value, so if your wall is 8 feet high, you will need to take rolls that are 9 feet long, so you will have a height allowance that you will cut after installation.

For example

Your wall measures 11 ft wide and 8 ft high.

11 ft. divided by 2 = 5.5.

Round up and you get 6 rolls.

With a height of 8 ft, we find the right size option, which is 9 ft

So you will need 6 rolls, 2x9 ft each.

How to calculate the required amount of natural Grasscloth, Hemp, Cork, Sisal and other wallpapers.

Natural wallpaper comes in rolls of 6 yards and 8 yards. For the correct calculation of the wallpaper we recommend to consult a professional installer who will be able to do it more accurately. But in general the calculation is pretty simple, you measure the height and width just as you would for both with a pattern and divide by the width of the roll, usually 36 inches. That way you know the number of strips of wallpaper you need. Then multiply the number of strips by the height of the ceiling so you know the total length of wallpaper you need. Then multiply this length by the length of the roll you are going to buy (8 yards or 6 yards) and round up.